The last couple of weeks have been fairly productive for me in the studio, in my job search, and at night when I’m watching tv with Chris. OK, yeah, that last one seems pretty odd, but you will see what I mean in a bit. Let’s start with my results in the studio.

Studio Work

I haven’t spent quite as much time sewing this week due to other things, but I did manage to get my March blocks done for the Patchwork Quilt Along.

While the bottom left square looks a little odd, I can tell you that the fabric was as straight as I could get it when I cut the strip. One thing I’ve noticed not only with quilting fabric, but with fashion fabric as well, is that designs are not always printed straight on the fabric. There is often some sort of wonkiness going on with the print being skewed at least a little. It is incredibly irritating, but it pushes me to the edge when trying to work with printed panels.

The good thing about quilting, though, is that even if the pattern isn’t exactly straight, there isn’t a lot of need to worry about drape, so you can usually cut your pieces based on the print instead of the grain. Unfortunately, I didn’t notice the issue with this block until it was put together, and I was too lazy to take it apart. Also, I don’t really like to “redo” things unless it’s an absolute necessity, and I would be wasting valuable fabric by ditching the strips in this block. I’m also betting that in a quilt with 72 blocks, this won’t be as noticeable in the finished product.

I have started on the April blocks, but there’s nothing to show you just yet.

Job Search

Since I decided to take my job search national, I have actually started to see some results. I’ve had a couple of phone interviews for out of state jobs, and some considerable interest from a staffing agency here in Texas. The staffing agency said they have jobs all over, but we’re currently concentrating on Austin and San Antonio. The rep in San Antonio called me last Friday to ask if I might be interested in working a temp to perm job, and I jumped at the idea. San Antonio is my absolute favorite place ever, and it’s long been a dream of mine to live and work there. I couldn’t say yes fast enough. I did all the paperwork so now I just need to pray she can find something for me.

I’m not sitting back and waiting, though. I continue to search for jobs, but honestly, looking more than a couple of times a week seems to be a waste of time. It seems like most jobs are posted on Monday and Wednesday, so I tend to look on Tuesday and Thursday. I get all sorts of email notifications from various websites about jobs when they’re posted, so if I see something interesting, I will check them out immediately. The notifications are sort of annoying though, because it seems like I see the same jobs over and over. Still, results are results, and I’m happy to say I’m finally starting to see some.


Since I finished my Craftsy class on crochet, I’ve been crocheting most nights while I watch tv. I’m focusing on granny squares right now, and I decided to make a granny square afghan. I’m not following a pattern, other than the pattern for the single square in the Craftsy class, but I’m seeing some positive results.

Are they perfect? No. Will they ever be perfect? Probably not, but I’m enjoying myself and I’ve learned a new skill. And it’s a skill I’ve wanted to acquire for a very long time, so I’m happy. I’ve been told that blocking them will correct the wonky look. We shall see. LOL

So, that’s a look at what I’ve been up to this week. What are you working on?