Some girls collect shoes, some collect hand bags. I collect fabric. For me, shoes are uncomfortable, and I’d rather just go without them altogether. As for hand bags, I find them to be a real inconvenience most of the time. But fabric … ohhh glorious fabric! I could live in a fabric store and still feel as if I needed more fabric. My fabric stash isn’t quite epic, but it is a lot of fun.

The Fabric Stash

Honestly, my fabric stash really isn’t too bad; it certainly isn’t out of control. I mean, I thought it was, then I saw what other people call a “stash” and I realized, I’m still in the junior category! It really could be SO much worse! I’ve seen photos of fabric stashes that make me wonder if someone is in there somewhere, buried in the fabric.

I don’t want to shame anyone, but some of the photos I’ve seen posted online of sewing rooms & studios makes me wonder how anyone could possibly work in them! ¬†When I look around at my own stash, I’m happy that I can at least walk around without tripping over it.

My mom says I’m in denial, but this is a woman with so much fabric, I can never hope to compete. At least, that’s what I tell myself, anyway. But you know what? Fabric makes me happy. It keeps me from killing people, and my family likes it when I’m being quiet and seem happy.

Beautiful bolts of solid colored fabrics

Over the last year and a half, ever since I lost my job, I’ve had to seriously curtail my fabric purchases. I hardly even go look at fabric these days, because the temptation is great – if I go in to a shop, I want to buy something. Still, I have lots of fabric to work with, and most of my purchases now are for fabrics that will work with what I already have.

Which leads me to this …

Yesterday, I ordered some fabric to work with the Little House on the Prairie fat quarter bundles I purchased from Fat Quarter Shop a while back. I first saw the advertisement for these fabrics about two years ago, and I knew that I had to have them – I’ve always been a huge fan of the LHotP books. When I received my bundles, I ooohed and ahhhed over them, then put them on a shelf. I wanted to wait for the perfect project. I never really found one I liked, however, so the fabrics have continued to sit on the shelf until now.

Earlier this week, while working on the Patchwork Quilt Along, and becoming increasingly frustrated, I realized that I need to switch gears. I want to finish the Patchwork but to be honest, it’s not exactly my dream project. The pieces are so small and fidgety, it’s just driving me nuts! These little five inch blocks are crazy.

The Little House on the Prairie Quilt Project

Walking through my hall that day, I saw the LHotP fabric bundles sitting there, waiting patiently. I came to my computer and opened Electric Quilt 7 (EQ7) and began to play around. I am no expert in EQ7 – in fact, I barely know how to use even the basic features. But I found a couple of blocks in their library that I really like, and I laid out a design using them.

Little House on the Prairie Quilt
Little House on the Prairie Quilt, designed by TexasQuiltGirl

While it may not look like a lot, I’m ridiculously proud of it. I am waiting for some additional fabrics to arrive from FQS, and as soon as it arrives, I’ll get started on it.

I’m excited because this is the first project I’ve designed in EQ7. I get to use those beautiful fabrics I bought several months ago. This isn’t my first design, just the first one I designed in EQ7. It’s the first quilt I’ll make using the program.

If you’re interested in seeing the progress as I make this quilt, subscribe to my blog and get email notifications when I post a new article. I can’t wait to get started!