There is so much going on right now, I don’t even know where to start. From jobs to business to sewing, things have been movin’ and shakin’ around here. I imagine the best thing to do is just jump right in, so here we go!

Chris Has a Job!

Chris started his new job today! Even though he wouldn’t admit it to me, I think he was pretty excited to be re-entering the work force. I’m not going to say where he’s working, but the company is stable and it’s adding new people all the time due to growth. The benefits seem pretty good, too. I’m so excited for Chris, and I’m hoping to be able to announce I’m working again sometime soon!

Maybe Old Fashion Soap Co., Isn’t Completely Going Away

Last week, I announced that we were going to be closing Old Fashion Soap Co. Since then, we received some feedback that has made me realize that there may be some things we can do to keep the business alive without the commitments for shows and such. We are looking at ideas like subscription services, wholesale accounts and sales to the public at lower/reduced prices through the website.

We are also considering sales of whole (ten bars) and half (five bars) loaves of soap. This is actually a great option for gifts for the holidays, and they will be priced quite reasonably. Some of these ideas will mean that we don’t have all soaps on hand at all times, but there could be options for special orders, custom requests and the like. Stay tuned for more information as we work through possibilities.

Work in Progress Wednesday

I’ve been so distracted by everything else, I haven’t done a lot of sewing this week. I did start the new $5 Quilt Block program at Sew Special Quilts in Katy. Last week, I picked up the first block and made it. The edges aren’t nearly as wavy as they look in this photo. LOL

June's $5 Quilt Block Sewing
June’s $5 Quilt Block

When I took back the finished block, I received the July block for free. I have completed that block as well, even though I don’t take it back until mid-August.

July $5 Quilt Block Sewing
July $5 Quilt Block

I cannot wait to see what the August block looks like!

The shop also does a drawing for anyone who brings in a “show & tell” item. The item can be the block made in miniature, or it can be the block made from other fabrics. I am considering making these blocks using some Betty Boop fabric I’ve had for a long time. By doing this, I will reinforce the lessons I’m re-learning making these blocks – namely, accurate cutting and piecing!

Future Sewing Projects

Now that Chris is working outside the house again, and with business considerably slower than before, I have no excuse for not sewing more. I have every intention of spending more time in the studio sewing. I figure that until I return to the work force myself, I should be using this time to make some fabulous clothing to wear at my new office, wherever that might be. 😉

With an eye toward returning to the work force, I am making plans for garment sewing. Earlier this week, I purchased the Naughty Bobbins pattern for the Presto! Popover top. The pattern is available in a format that can be printed on a home printer, and a separate pattern to be printed by a copy shop. I purchased the one for printing at a copy shop, and will be taking it to be printed at Staples today. The pattern looks fairly easy to make, and it looks nice, yet comfortable. I can’t wait to try it out.

I also picked up the Love Notions Laundry Day Tee pattern. This looks like one of the more versatile patterns I’ve seen in a while, and I am super excited to try it out, too. There are options for a variety of lengths and necklines, but the best part is that you can pick this pattern up for FREE just by joining the Facebook group and getting the coupon code! This pattern download gives you both a print shop copy that you can have printed, or a version you can print at home and tape together. I’m just planning to take it to Staples along with the Presto! Popover pattern to be printed.