I have a confession – I suck at quilting blocks of the month, diets, tracking absolutely ANYTHING, and quilt alongs. I’d like to say it’s not my fault, but if it’s not my fault, then who’s fault would it be? But if there’s a need for discipline and staying focused on anything not work related, I fail miserably. Perhaps that’s why I haven’t mentioned the Fat Quarter Shop’s (FQS) Patchwork Quilt Along until now.

You could say I participated in the 2015 Wishes Quilt Along, also sponsored by FQS, but the blocks weren’t finished until mid-2016. I sewed them in to a top, but must have cut sashing strips incorrectly, so I need to take it apart and try again. I hate ripping out a seam. I’m not thrilled about taking an entire quilt top apart!

Still, I love the premise: a new quilt block pattern each month, which is free. FQS asks participants to donate money to the Central & South Texas Make a Wish campaign, and it seems fair enough. There’s no set amount participants need to donate, but I think $2-5 per block is fair. No matter how good my intentions are, I always seem to fall behind. Right now, I’m working on March’s blocks, which isn’t too bad considering my track record.

At any rate, this year we’re making six blocks for each month. They’re all the same blocks, but they’re made out of different fabrics. Here are my January blocks.

These are the February blocks.

I REALLY miss my design wall. It’s really not easy to get good photos when you’re taking them on a flat surface like a cutting table top.

The fabric is Sedona Sunrise from Connecting Threads, except the white fabric, which is Kona White Cotton. I’m not so crazy about the white backgrounds that have been popular the last few years, but with all the color, I think it works. One thing I have learned from this quilt and the Wishes quilt – I DO NOT enjoy making samplers. The fabric cutting requirements seem wasteful, and once I get going, I’m ready to GO. I guess that second one is a reflection of the fact this is a quilt along, not because it’s a sampler type quilt. Still, the cutting part is driving me nuts. I wondered if I might enjoy making a quilt like this more if I were using my AccuQuilt Go! One day soon, I’m going to try it and find out.

My goal for this weekend is to finish the March blocks and get started on the April blocks. If I can get caught up to May by next weekend, I’ll be in good shape. The June blocks aren’t scheduled to be released until June 15th. I’ll be all caught up for the first time ever for these quilt alongs. 🙂