Since I moved the blog to a self-hosted site a couple of months ago, I’ve been making an effort to post a couple of times a week. This week, however, I just haven’t had any inspiration. I basically have nothing happening of consequence right now. I just don’t have a lot to say, or share right now. But, in keeping with my “I’m going to blog more often” aspirations, here’s a little bit of trivia about me. LOL

1. I started quilting when my ex-husband and I split up

You may already know this about me, if you’ve followed me for long. Or if you know me in real life, this isn’t news to you. After eight years of marriage to my first husband, we separated. I had two young children at the time, and I couldn’t leave them at home alone to pursue hobbies, so I started quilting. It was something I always wanted to learn to do, but never had time, energy or money for it. People called me a natural, and while I’m not sure that’s true, I sure do enjoy it, even now!

2. I’m currently in the longest period of non-employment I’ve had since I was 11 years old

I don’t want to call it unemployment, because it just seems so negative. And I’ve been working for myself for the last year and a half or so. My first “job” was babysitting when I was 11, and I did that steadily until I got my actual job as a switchboard operator for the school district. I was hired for that the day before I turned 16, and I worked there during my junior year. For several months, I also worked for the yacht club for several months, then later on, the city.

I would get up every weekday morning and be at work at the school district by 7 am. My classes were from 10: 30 – 2:30 (I didn’t take a lunch), and then I’d head off to the other job and be there by 3 pm. When I was at the yacht club, I may work as late at 10 pm, but when I moved to the city, I was off by 5 pm every day.

My other two periods of extended non-employment were related to having kids. It was always my intention to return to work after she was born. I just wasn’t well enough to go back to work after six weeks. When I found out I was pregnant with my son, I was fired, and was out of work for about a year.

3. I love to read

I’m an avid reader, even if I don’t have time to read as often as I’d like. When I was a kid, I read a book a day during the summer, and often during the school year. It doesn’t really matter too much whether it’s fiction or non-fiction. I read both. Which leads us to …

4. I am a HUGE history buff

Arlington National Cemetary
Arlington National Cemetary, Arlington, Virginia

I am pretty sure my kids got tired of being dragged from one historical site to another during vacations, but I didn’t care too much. LOL My favorite areas of history are Texas history and 19th century American history. It bothers me to see so much history being destroyed recently. I’m not bothered because I support the things that these monuments allegedly represent. It’s sad to see people trying to erase a history we should always remember, even when we don’t like it or agree with it.

My heart breaks with every monument removed, every book banned. 🙁

5. I love photography

Kemah Marina

When I was in high school, I tried every year to get in to the photography program at school and failed. So when I graduated high school, I got a tidy little sum of cash that I took to K-Mart and bought my first real camera. I bought a Pentax K1000, and I loved it dearly and used it for many years. Now, I shoot digitally with a Canon 60D. My favorite subjects are landscapes and buildings, but I have been known to shoot some photos of people from time to time.

6. Chris is considerably younger than me

Like, about 12 1/2 years younger than me. Most of the time, I don’t think about it. I’m reminded of his age when I mention some reference he doesn’t know. I can’t say that he won me over, or that I won him over. We both needed some convincing that we were right for each other. We will hit our ten years together mark in November. While I can’t speak for him, I can say I’ve never been happier. We work well together. 🙂

There ya have it, six things you may or may not have known about me. 🙂